Air conditioner or cooler for camper or camper van 
Air conditioner or cooler for camper or camper van 


Air conditioner or cooler for camper or camper van 

With the arrival of summer and the heat squeezing we always remember how we could be cooler in our housing vehicles. To do this you have several cooling options for your motorhome or camper, such as air conditioning or what would be the coolers, although you also have other systems that you have probably already tried and that are much cheaper, the latter we tell you at the end, so read on to learn more about the air conditioner or cooler for motorhome or camper 😉 

Let us tell you that, like everything else, here too everything has its pros and cons, we will try that at the end of reading this post will resolve your doubts about it and you can choose the option that best suits what you need, which we already advance will depend on how your travels are. 

Air conditioner or cooler for camper or camper van 


First of all, we are going to tell you about the famous chillersThese devices have the main advantage that you do not need an electrical outlet to use them. The main advantage of these devices is that you do not need an electrical outlet to use it, since it works at 12V and the consumption is low. They are installed in a hole of a skylight or making a new opening and must be connected to the water tank of the vehicle, from where it will use this for its operation, which is based on the cooling of the air by evaporation of water.  

It is ideal if you usually do routes in which you do not spend much time in the same place and you do not like to be looking for electrical connections.  

The cooler will lower the interior temperature of the vehicle by a few degrees, leaving you with a cool environment and a pleasant thermal sensation, although it is true that in humid environments such as the coast you may not notice its effect as much.  

The prices of the coolers are usually around 1,000 euros, depending on the brand and model that suits you best. 


Now we tell you about the air conditioners for motorhomes or camper. Here we are talking about equipment that will cool your motor home regardless of the conditions in which you find yourself, that is, no matter the temperature outside, as in your home without wheels, you will have a cold, dry air inside. Of course, for this the system is much more complex (although the installation does not have to be complicated), they work at 230V and their consumption, which is higher than in the coolers, is usually around 1500W of power, so you will need to be connected to the mains. 

The air conditioner will make you cool in any place where you are, adjusting its temperature with a convenient remote control, that yes you need to be looking for the mains to connect the vehicle, so this type of cooling would be more recommended for those who tend to be long enough in one place. 

The price of air conditioners for motorhomes or campers is usually around one thousand euros, depending of course on the brand and model you choose. 

As mentioned before, it will depend on how you use your house on wheels and the type of trips you make.  


You also have other much more economical options that range from the 12V fans to the 12V portable coolers with prices that can be around 30 euros. Although it is clear that the result may not be as cool as you expected, maybe it will surprise you and save you some money, or it will get you out of the way until next summer.  

And if it is clear to you, go directly to the first two options.  

Whatever you do, in the end it is all about making the time we spend in our vehicles as pleasant as possible and it is true that in very hot weather it is very difficult to be inside the motorhome or camper at certain hours, so cool off and tell us your choice in comments. We read you! 

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