Types of batteries for motorhomes and campers and their maintenance 
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Types of batteries for motorhomes and campers and their maintenance 

One of the elements that we usually carry in our camper or motorhomes and that make our life easier and more comfortable are the batteries. Surely you have not realized that the batteries for motorhomes are an accessory that, although it does not require to be aware of it, if it must be properly maintained to extend its life. 

Therefore, in this post we are going to tell you some tips that you can take into account to choose the most suitable battery for your needs, as well as the care you should take for its maintenance and proper use. 

Types of batteries for motorhomes and camper vans 

The first thing to keep in mind before buying a battery is that you must analyze your needs and based on that you will have to choose between one or another battery model.  

AGM batteries 

These are the most common batteries, since they work very similar to those used in cars, but with a difference. These allow a greater discharge and do not emit gases. As you will understand this fact is very important, since the batteries are usually inside the cabin of the motorhome or camper. 

Gel Battery 

Gel batteries are newer and currently very popular in the industry. Their main characteristic is that they offer a higher number of discharges, a longer durability of each cycle and they do not require maintenance. A disadvantage of AGM batteries is that they are more expensive and slower to charge. 

Lithium Batteries 

You will be familiar with the name of this type of battery, since your cell phone has this type, the most compact and light batteries. Something fundamental is that they practically maintain their capacity during their useful life and allow a deeper discharge without affecting their longevity. As a disadvantage is that high temperatures are not friends of these batteries and they are also quite more expensive than AMG batteries. Do you know what is the SOC and battery SOH? We explain it in more detail in our blog.

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What to consider before buying a new battery 

Whatever the type of battery you must take into account the number of cycles. This defines how many times you can charge and discharge the battery before it reaches its end. In this way you can calculate how many years your battery will last, depending on the use we make of the vehicle. Depending on this, it will be more profitable to buy a lithium battery or not. 

Pay attention to the battery capacity, which is measured in Ah (ampere hours). The capacity is linked to the discharge time. Let's take an example: if a battery indicates 150 Ah C10 it means that it will supply 15 Amperes for 10 hours. 

Analyze your daily consumption and the frequency with which you will restart the vehicle.  

Some recommendations for battery maintenance: 

Recommendation 1 

Winter is a bad companion for batteries. As you know, the cold makes the reactions that take place do not work as they should, considerably lowering their performance. As it is natural, during the winter we need greater electrical consumption to be able to isolate us of the cold and for that reason the consumption is greater in this time of the year. As a consequence and in general, the life of our batteries is longer in summer. 

Recommendation 2 

The prolonged stay in the time of your motorhome or camper, without the correct maintenance of the batteries, causes that when we take the vehicle again the batteries no longer have the same duration as before. To avoid this consumption it is enough to disconnect the terminal of the battery or to install a switch. Another idea is to connect the vehicle for a while to the electric current, if you have option, but without going over time. A couple of hours a day is enough.  

Recommendation 3 

Ideally, do not let the charge run out (unless you have a lithium battery), trying to keep the charge level high to avoid a complete discharge, because as you know this negatively affects the longevity of the battery. 

Recommendation 4 

During the route it is advisable to connect your motorhome or camper to the electrical outlet every few days, even if you do not need it, as this will ensure that the battery is charged correctly. 

Recommendation 5 

The simplest way to keep the battery charged during the trip is by driving. The alternator of your AC or camper is responsible for this, as the alternator normally runs while charging the engine battery, which has virtually no use. Even after a long journey, the battery may not be fully charged. Therefore, a word of advice is to install a suitable booster, especially on EURO6 and later vehicles, which ensures a constant charge while driving. 

We hope that these simple tips will help you to learn more about the type of batteries and how to maintain them properly.

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