ARVIKON home automation universality
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ARVIKON home automation universality

Where can ARVIKON home automation be installed?  

ARVIKON home automation is designed for recreational and nautical vehicles. The ARVIKON control unit for camper and similar vehicles will revolutionize the way you travel. Among the recreational vehicles we find caravans, motorhomes, motorhomes, campers, overland trucks and even self-supporting houses. As for boats, ARVIKON home automation is ideal for small or medium-sized boats. 

As if that were not enough, and given the universality of this technology, ARVIKON home automation can be adapted to professional vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks or any other specialized vehicle that has special equipment to control pumps, valves, tanks, batteries, heating, lights, etc.   

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What is the revolutionary Arvikon home automation system like?  

As you know, caravans, campers, motorhomes and self-catering homes, as well as medium-sized boats, have undergone countless attempts to equip them with advanced control systems for their equipment. 

These attempts have been more or less successful in terms of ergonomics, comfort, capacity, attractiveness, consumption, practicality of installation and space occupied. As a result, users are increasingly demanding particular, customized and individualized solutions to try to control the equipment in their vehicles in the best possible way.  

Therefore, the purpose of this technology is to overcome the drawbacks of the state of the art, developing a solution that allows simultaneously connect all devices in a single physical device and control in a coordinated, intelligent and integrated way all these devices. As well as controlling the currents and voltages in each device, protecting each device through electronic fuses and managing the entire system and each of the equipment comfortably through a multi-touch touch screen. All this applying advanced modes, accessing, controlling and updating the software and the APP remotely. 

Electronic fuses and intelligent modes

This home automation system has the use of electronic fuses and thanks to these, the system allows a current measurement on all the system outputs to the cabin devices, by means of an electronic component installed in the hardware. The electronic fuses allow the system to automatically protect each of the outputs, according to the current limits set by the system, so that all equipment is individually protected against short circuits and overconsumption. 

In addition, ARVIKON home automation allows the development of smart ways and advanced functions that are automatic operating systems. Each of these modes, when activated, monitors a series of data from the passenger compartment by means of sensors and recorded values. And they act automatically in response to different events, or allow a combination of actions to be performed in an intelligent and concerted manner, according to programmed algorithms. We will discuss these intelligent modes in detail in the near future. 

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What does our camper control unit provide?  


This home automation for RVs has been designed to be universal, that is, to control all devices that interact in any RV.   

Comfort and safety 

The main objective of this technology is to make the cabins of these vehicles more functional, livable, comfortable and safe.   

In short, these revolutionary and unique functionalities improve user comfort. They facilitate the maintenance of the vehicle and its devices and improve overall safety. 

Interested in our control unit for camper and other vehicles?

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