Control unit for motorhomes and camper vans.
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Control unit for motorhomes and camper vans.

Can you imagine having all the control of your motorhome or camper through a screen? When we travel with our home vehicle we want the experience to be maximum, to be unique. Well, now it is possible with ARVIKON thanks to its control unit for motorhomes.

Technology is developing, and it is also developing for recreational vehicles, so in this article we are going to focus on what home automation can offer you through a display.  

The ARVIKON display is a 7″ or 10" high-resolution, embeddable multitouch display with a 3 mm frame in black aluminum. Through this screen you can have a visual of everything that happens in your motorhome or camper.  

This control is flexible, evolving and allows you to travel with:  

  • More control: Can you imagine always having the levels of the water tanks in your van under control?  
  • Increased safetyDo you want to access your vehicle from anywhere in the world at any time you want?  
  • More comfortHave you thought about controlling the light intensity to make the cabin more comfortable?  
  • Absolute reliability: What if you could control your gas or oil heaters for your peace of mind and safety?  
  • Maximum intelligence: Can you imagine having high-tech fuses that do not need to be replaced?  
  • AnticipationWhat if you could always have at hand the voltage and current readings in your motorhome?  

Yes, the answer to all of the above questions is YES! It is now possible to get the most out of your vehicle and its full equipment.  

And what can we control from the switchboard?  

Easy home automation provides you with a simple and practical interface. Navigating through the screen you will have access to the: 

General ScreenYou will have access to the most basic and general tasks of your home, those that you need to have under control on a daily basis.  

Climate Control ScreenYou will be able to control the temperature of the heating and air conditioning, as well as to know the temperatures in real time inside and outside the camper or motorhome. 

Electricity ScreenYou have a visual display of the battery status and the option to shut down the entire system at any time. 

Fuse Display: you will be able to reset each of the fuses that are part of your equipment.  

Water ScreenYou will be able to control water tanks and valves down to the smallest detail. 

Illumination ScreenYou will control all the lights involved in your vehicles, both exterior and interior. 

Smart Modes screenYou will manage all the intelligent modes to adapt the home automation to your needs. 

Screen ManualsThe answer to any question will always be close at hand and a place where you can always find it quickly. 

Display AccessoriesAny extra equipment that your housing vehicle has can be managed and controlled from the screen. 

10º Notices ScreenSo you don't have to worry, ARVIKON will anticipate any unforeseen event.  

From each of the above applications on the screen, a series of actions are managed that allow you to control all the equipment from your cell phone. 

What can a home automation control panel do for you?

In short, the home automation systems of a motorhome offer you greater comfort and security in the control of the functions of your recreational vehicle. It is an intelligent comfort control system, which makes the motorhome or van, a fully intelligent mobile home. 

To use ARVIKON home automation, no special technical knowledge is required, as it is easy to use. Moreover, through this touch screen you will have access to different interesting Apps for your trips, such as music, places to stay overnight, etc. 

Finally... there are more and more accessories, equipment and applications in the Caravaning market that make our trips easier and therefore, in our Blog you will find interesting topics related to home automation in the Caravaning sector that will not leave you indifferent. 

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