What home automation for motorhomes or camper can do for the user. 
home automation for motorhomes


What home automation for motorhomes or camper can do for the user. 

Recreational vehicles have become today one of the best ways to travel. Every day more and more people are joining it because of the incredible advantages they offer, among which are traveling with all your personal belongings and everything you need in your day to day life during the trip. After all, it is your other home, with the difference that every day it can be located in a different geographical location. That's why today, we want to talk about home automation for motorhomes.

And in order to travel with total peace of mind and safety, it is necessary to have all the devices in your vehicle under control. 

Remote access

Imagine being able to remotely access your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Imagine that using your cell phone you can have full control of your recreational vehicle, so that nothing escapes you, such as, for example, knowing the status of the batteries, knowing how the tanks are, connecting or disconnecting the vehicle to the mains remotely and many other things.  

All this is known as home automation or 'smart houses'. Until now, home automation devices have been used for houses.  

Arvikon has arrived to revolutionize home automation for motorhomes and all recreational vehicles, allowing you to have remote access and control of the home automation system from smart devices such as a computer, tablet, cell phone or smart watch. The system will always be kept up to date through its corresponding updates. And all this concentrated in a single brain that processes all the information it receives from the sensors and connected elements. 

Home automation for motorhomes is intended for all recreational vehicles, such as boats, professional vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, motorhomes, campers, caravans, overland trucks, self-supporting houses, etc. 

The intelligent system consists of a control unit, an embedded multitouch screen and a series of connected sensors and accessories that allow all elements of the vehicle to be controlled.

What elements can I control with home automation for motorhomes? 

Practically all elements of the vehicle can be controlled, such as: 

  • Control of the refrigerator and its internal temperature 
  • Interior and exterior passenger compartment temperature 
  • Level of gray water, clean water and black water reservoirs  
  • Control over the drain valve  
  • Drain valve control  
  • Water pump control 
  • Vehicle lighting control  
  • Control of the motor battery and house battery 
  • Continuous 12v input control. 
  • Boiler control (hot water)
  • Gas system control 
  • Control of the gas or oil heating system 
  • Solar panel control  
  • Charger control  
  • Inverter control  
  • Electric awning opening and closing 
  • Control over the electric bed 
  • Operation of air conditioning equipment 
  • Control of the housing exhaust fan 
  • Control of electric or hydraulic leveling systems  
  • Automatic cleaning of pipes and tanks  

You will have electronic fuses (a novelty in the industry) to protect all devices and measure current and voltage passing through each of them. You will no longer need to have the usual box of replaceable fuses. Simply in case a fuse blows, the system will warn us and we will be able to see which one and why and reset it if necessary. 

In addition, there are different intelligent modes and advanced functions that allow different actions to be performed in an automated and controlled way, such as pipe and tank cleaning mode, battery assistant mode, Frost control mode or rental management mode. 

All data are processed by the system and displayed on a screen where we can see all the information provided on each of the elements and also provide other services such as Internet access, GPS navigation, etc.. 

home automation for motorhomes

And what does this type of technology bring to me? 

This technology will finally make your trips even more comfortable and safe, giving you peace of mind. Comfortable because you will have everything under control and with all the necessary information on a screen, at your fingertips, even when you do not have your vehicle nearby, through your cell phone. Safe and secure because you have all the information from all devices under control. The number of installations of your vehicle and the volume of these are minimized, everything being simplified in a single point of control that will not surprise you anything and that security is total. All this results in your peace of mind, making the passenger compartment an even more comfortable space. 

Are you interested in home automation for motorhomes? or camper?  

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