Types of Camper Coolers and how ARVIKON can handle them
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Types of Camper Coolers and how ARVIKON can handle them

The good weather is coming and we are already dreaming of those getaways to the beach or the mountains, synonymous with having a fridge in our motorhome or camper that cools as it should. That's why, in this post we are going to tell you about the types of camper coolers that you can install in your home with wheels and how ARVIKON can manage it and control the temperature. 

And how to cool your favorite drinks to the maximum to go on the road? Well, you have several options, see below. Each of these types of coolers has advantages and disadvantages that you should analyze to find the type of refrigerator that best suits your needs. 


First of all, you have the refrigerators that work with a 12V compressor. These are known as compressor coolers. They refrigerate efficiently and freeze down to about -20 °C (-4 °F). It is precisely because of its performance, its size and its volume that the compressor fridge is a good choice for both those who travel in motorhomes and those who travel in camper vans.

One of the advantages of compressor coolers. It is that regardless of the ambient heat, they are able to bring the refrigerator to its optimum temperature as long as there is sufficient power in the battery. 


Secondly, you will find absorption refrigerators or trivalent refrigerators. These operate on 12V-220V and gas. When powered at 12V, they are only capable of keeping cold but not cooling. When powered at 220V, they are able to cool and consume energy from the outside. Finally, when running on gas, they cool very well as long as the vehicle is level and not too hot. 

Two advantages are that they do not make noise and that they do not depend on too much electricity. On the other hand, no refrigerator of this type manages to exceed a difference of 30º with respect to room temperature.  


And thirdly, you have the option of thermoelectric coolers. These refrigerators cool thanks to a peltier cell and depend a lot on the outside temperature, it is easier for them to keep cold than to cool the content. Therefore, it is advisable to put ice in them to help maintenance. 

One advantage is that you can forget about how long it will take for what is inside to stop being cold, since they maintain the temperature we indicate as long as they are connected to the current. Another advantage is that you can transport them wherever you want once they are disconnected from the power supply. On the other hand, they consume battery power 24 hours a day if they are plugged in, which makes them not very useful in our vehicles. 


Keep in mind that some of these camper coolers are easy to install in your motorhome, caravan or van, although there are others that may be somewhat more complicated to install. In this case it may be necessary to have a workshop specialized in the assembly of caravaning accessories for the correct installation of your cooler.  

And remember that with ARVIKON you can have real-time indoor and outdoor temperature readings, as well as the temperature of your refrigerator thanks to the 3 probes included in the kit. 

Can you imagine being able to turn on the refrigerator of your camper from your cell phone and sitting on the sofa at home? It's great to be able to get to your van and find the cooler fresh just before starting a route.  

In addition, if your refrigerator has a LIN connection, for example, the refrigerators from DOMETIC both in compressor and absorption, from ARVIKON home automation you will be able to: 

Adjust the temperature set, activate the BOOST or SILENT modes, know at all times the breakdowns of the refrigerator, receive warnings if you leave the refrigerator door open... And much more! 

Manage the refrigerator of your camper, caravan or motorhome with ARVIKON. Don't you believe it? Then we invite you to try our Simulator to see for yourself what our home automation can do for you.